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4324 2274d 23h Asper /drivers/audio/intel_hda/ HDA: Use another codec when no AFG found if possible  
4321 2275d 07h yogev_ezra /drivers/audio/intel_hda/ Remove duplicate LSI  
4320 2275d 08h yogev_ezra /drivers/audio/intel_hda/ Add 4 LSI audio codec names.  
4315 2278d 07h Serge /drivers/video/Intel-2D/ intel-2D: pixlib intel uxa acceleration  
4304 2281d 05h Serge /drivers/video/Intel-2D/ intel-2D: update layout  
4301 2281d 10h clevermouse /drivers/ethernet/ rtl8169: make sure that upper dword of rx/tx ring address is zero  
4293 2282d 15h Serge /drivers/video/drm/ i915: flush cached memory  
4292 2282d 15h Serge /drivers/ ddk:update to 3.12  
4281 2286d 06h Serge /drivers/video/Intel-2D/ intel-2D: use tiled framebuffer  
4280 2286d 06h Serge /drivers/video/drm/ i915: enable tiled framebuffer  
4279 2286d 07h Serge /drivers/ ddk:update to 3.12  
4251 2290d 10h Serge /drivers/video/Intel-2D/ intel-2D: sna-2.99.902  
4246 2291d 14h Serge /drivers/video/drm/ i915: Mesa-9.2 ready  
4245 2291d 14h Serge /drivers/video/Intel-2D/ intel-2D: gen6 debug output  
4244 2291d 14h Serge /drivers/ ddk: update to 3.12-rc6  
4126 2310d 13h Serge /drivers/video/drm/ i915: DPMS  
4125 2310d 13h Serge /drivers/ ddk: update  
4112 2312d 16h Serge /drivers/video/drm/ttm/ ttm: 3.12-rc6  
4111 2312d 16h Serge /drivers/video/drm/vmwgfx/ VMware SVGA II: 3.12-rc6  
4110 2312d 16h Serge /drivers/ ddk: update to 3.12-rc6, part 2  

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