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3051 3301d 01h serge /drivers/video/drm/ i915: new irq handling code  
3039 3303d 00h serge /drivers/ i915: resize surface  
3037 3304d 02h serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ i915: fix memory leak  
3033 3304d 22h serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ i915 hw blitter: Back in the game  
3031 3305d 10h serge /drivers/ video/drm: batch update  
2997 3315d 05h Serge /drivers/video/drm/radeon/ rc12 preview  
2968 3374d 10h Serge /drivers/audio/a5536/ geode: disable debug output  
2967 3374d 10h Serge /drivers/include/ update ddk includes  
2966 3374d 10h Serge /drivers/ddk/ update ddk  
2361 3571d 02h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ render context and composite render  
2360 3571d 12h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ Linux workqueue and retire_work_handler  
2352 3573d 17h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ bitmap's synchronization  
2351 3575d 21h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ set irq handler & SB sna  
2344 3587d 18h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ i915 preview #4  
2342 3589d 01h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ i915 preview #3  
2340 3593d 01h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ blitter  
2339 3596d 06h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ i915 - Ivy bridge support.  
2338 3598d 04h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ beautiful world of hardware accelerated cursors.  
2336 3600d 07h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ Well, now driver can set resolution to 1024x768 on the Sandybridge GPU. This is cool but useless.  
2335 3601d 17h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ initialize framebuffer  

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