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2007 3232d 15h serge /drivers/ atikms: RC11.2 video blitter  
2005 3235d 09h serge /drivers/ atikms: RC11.2  
2004 3237d 20h serge /drivers/video/drm/ RC11.01 R600 irq handler  
2003 3237d 20h serge /drivers/include/ RC11.01 includes  
1991 3252d 17h serge /drivers/video/drm/radeon/ RC11 Makefile.lto  
1990 3252d 17h serge /drivers/video/drm/radeon/ RC11 barts  
1988 3253d 19h serge /drivers/video/drm/radeon/ RC11 Makefile.lto  
1987 3253d 19h serge /drivers/ RC11 fixup  
1986 3253d 20h serge /drivers/video/drm/ RC11 preview  
1970 3258d 11h serge /drivers/ DDK update - includes  
1969 3258d 12h clevermouse /drivers/ddk/ ddk: add dependency on all .h files  
1968 3258d 13h serge /drivers/include/linux/ DDK update - kernel.h  
1967 3258d 14h serge /drivers/include/linux/ DDK update - includes  
1966 3258d 14h serge /drivers/ddk/ DDK update - strlcpy  
1965 3258d 14h serge /drivers/video/drm/radeon/ RC11 preliminary update - Makefiles  
1964 3258d 16h serge /drivers/include/ RC11 preliminary update - includes  
1963 3258d 16h serge /drivers/video/drm/ RC11 preliminary update  
1877 3385d 10h clevermouse / Makefile: build atikms with LTO  
1875 3385d 15h serge /drivers/ usb: keyboard driver  
1873 3385d 15h serge /drivers/ddk/ ddk: missing chkstk.S  

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