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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
7630 1326 d 7 h leency / rename panels_cfg to barscfg and change path of /sys/media/pixie/pixie to just /sys/media/pixie  
7609 1360 d 16 h leency / menu: fix fceu link
more fixes in skins
fix typo in hardware_support.htm
turn on speaker by default
7606 1361 d 4 h leency / Add Spiral to IMG
Add Guide to APP+
Add a poweroff/reboot issue question to Guide
Update year in CMM apps
7548 1484 d 2 h leency / menu.dat: small update
terminal: use big fonts
menu: fix thread height
rdsave, opendial: use system colors
7425 1523 d 1 h leency / Allgames: renamed "game_center" and its ini file to save space on ramdisk
Eolite: fixed big icon position in properties dialog
Board: press F2 to open boardlog.ini in Tinypad
Wv_skin.png: much better packed 2 secors instead of 5
Icons32.png: improved Almaz icons
7161 1749 d 2 h leency / unz system integration  
7022 1892 d 21 h 0CodErr /data/ update fNav to 0.43+ and add it to img  
7017 1893 d 13 h leency / vncc: use big fonts, hide password, add to menu.dat  
6748 2201 d 2 h leency /data/ add diff to autobuild, fix fplay path, add ac97snd to menu  
6736 2202 d 18 h leency /data/ menu.dat: remove cubeline, replace /KolibriOS/ by /kolibrios/ as it is case sensitive now,
3D/Gears: replace C version by ASM version
6571 2249 d 18 h leency /data/ menu.dat: fix /sys/desktop to /sys/skincfg  
6569 2249 d 23 h leency /data/ add clipview to autobuild  
5744 2663 d 23 h hidnplayr /data/ Removed dead link 'IPC' from menu.  
5505 2828 d 0 h punk_joker /data/rus/settings/ fix for menu.dat  
5495 2830 d 2 h hidnplayr /data/ Renamed zeroconf to @zeroconf, to mark it as a system service.
Updated autorun.dat accordingly and removed zeroconf from menu.
5468 2838 d 1 h leency / Pixie: upload the rest files, update and fix menu.dat, rename pixie skins to fit into 11 symbols  
5431 2843 d 21 h leency /data/ update menu for all languages - add game canter  
5339 2893 d 20 h Anton_K /data/rus/settings/ Add Dungeons to menu  
5323 2894 d 2 h igevorse / '21 days' game: interface bug fixed, adding to the main menu  
5318 2894 d 10 h alpine /data/ Added Heliothryx game to menu.  

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