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5047 2229d 03h clevermouse /data/ refactor autobuild Makefiles  
5046 2229d 04h hidnplayr / Converted DEC21x4x driver to PE format.  
5045 2229d 05h hidnplayr / Converted RTL8139 driver to PE format.  
5044 2229d 07h clevermouse / convert tmpdisk and ps2mouse to PE  
5039 2231d 06h clevermouse / support for stripped PE headers in drivers; declare COFF drivers deprecated  
5006 2262d 04h hidnplayr / Converted SIS900 driver to PE format.  
5005 2262d 05h hidnplayr / Converted RTL8029 driver to PE format.  
4999 2263d 02h hidnplayr /data/ Updated makefiles to assemble forcedeth driver with .sys extension instead of .obj.  
4963 2311d 23h eAndrew /data/ Deleted wallpaper.dat  
4960 2312d 18h yogev_ezra /data/ Makefile: fix path to FARA game.  
4958 2312d 18h yogev_ezra /data/ Makefiles: compact (coalesce files in the same folder into one line where possible).  
4956 2312d 20h yogev_ezra /data/ FCEU: Replace space with underscore in Readme file name.  
4955 2312d 20h yogev_ezra /data/ Correct Makefiles for changes in r4947-r4954  
4836 2356d 18h mario79 / FSPEED - add to nightbuild  
4833 2357d 01h hidnplayr / Pasta: fixed memory leaks, added to autobuild.  
4812 2361d 20h eAndrew / Notify 3: filenames to lowercase  
4785 2364d 20h eAndrew /data/rus/ Notify3 to autobuild  
4701 2374d 19h hidnplayr /data/ Removed CD player from autobuild, it cannot work with current kernel.  
4678 2380d 06h leency /data/ WebView: add wv_skin.png to makefile, fix associations  
4660 2384d 23h leency /data/ HTMLv -> WebView, step 2 (move to network folder, fix menu)  

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