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4812 2364d 08h eAndrew / Notify 3: filenames to lowercase  
4785 2367d 07h eAndrew /data/rus/ Notify3 to autobuild  
4701 2377d 06h hidnplayr /data/ Removed CD player from autobuild, it cannot work with current kernel.  
4678 2382d 18h leency /data/ WebView: add wv_skin.png to makefile, fix associations  
4660 2387d 11h leency /data/ HTMLv -> WebView, step 2 (move to network folder, fix menu)  
4653 2389d 11h leency / HTMLv -> WebView, step 1  
4635 2392d 06h mario79 / Fixed "TESTCON2 is in russian in english distribution" (bug #75)  
4614 2398d 15h punk_joker /data/ delete @clip from autobuild  
4606 2401d 09h hidnplayr / Rhine ethernet driver: now in PE format.  
4597 2406d 17h hidnplayr / R6040 driver, now in PE format.  
4532 2437d 09h hidnplayr / PCnet32: now in PE format.  
4522 2440d 11h hidnplayr / i8254x driver: Now in PE format!  
4483 2444d 14h mario79 /data/ Fplay - new version (including support for eBox).  
4479 2445d 10h dunkaist / remove FASM.TXT duplicates from /data/$(LANG)/docs
add common fasm.txt to fasm/trunk and update Makefiles to copy it
4466 2446d 16h hidnplayr /data/ Added Terminal application to autobuild.  
4454 2449d 07h clevermouse /data/ add rdc.sys to autorun  
4418 2464d 17h clevermouse / separate USB host controller code into external drivers  
4342 2484d 06h yogev_ezra /data/ Auto-build sort.obj from sources; remove pre-compiled binaries from SVN.  
4331 2489d 05h yogev_ezra / Auto-build msgbox.obj from sources; remove pre-compiled binaries from SVN.  
4329 2489d 06h yogev_ezra /data/ Auto-build use_mb from sources; remove pre-compiled binary.  

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