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4331 2687d 01h yogev_ezra / Auto-build msgbox.obj from sources; remove pre-compiled binaries from SVN.  
4329 2687d 02h yogev_ezra /data/ Auto-build use_mb from sources; remove pre-compiled binary.  
4322 2689d 05h hidnplayr / loaddrv program: silently load the driver (driver name must be given as parameter).
Replaces commouse program.
4275 2701d 09h clevermouse /data/ fix Makefiles after r4273  
4253 2704d 08h hidnplayr /data/ Added HTTP library to autobuild.  
4194 2714d 10h clevermouse /data/rus/ return kfar.ini from before r4177  
4188 2715d 11h eAndrew /data/ Wallpaper.dat  
4184 2717d 04h leency /data/ move hdread, iconstrp.png to data/common/ folder  
4183 2717d 04h leency /data/ move kerpack, kuzkina.mid, vmode to data/common/ folder  
4182 2717d 04h leency /data/ use /data/network/demos/ folder instead such folder for each language  
4178 2717d 05h leency /data/ use /data/common/demos/ folder instead such folder for each language  
4177 2717d 05h leency /data/ use /data/common/File Managers/ folder instead such folder for each language  
4175 2717d 05h leency /data/ use /data/common/3d/ folder for autobuild  
4174 2717d 05h leency /data/ fix autobuild, delete data/_lang_/lib/ folder  
4173 2717d 05h leency /data/ move msgbox.obj, pixlib.obj, sort.obj to common/lib/ folder  
4172 2717d 05h leency /data/ add add iconv.obj and netcode.obj to all other nightbuilds  
4150 2720d 09h hidnplayr /data/ 3DSHEART program is assembled from source code, dont try to copy it from data dir.  
4132 2724d 08h eAndrew /data/ pleese  
4131 2724d 09h eAndrew /data/ Add /settings/docki.ini  
4130 2724d 09h eAndrew /data/ Add Docky to night build  
4106 2727d 06h Albom / Shell 0.7.2. 1) .shell moved to /sys/settings. 2) "cd .." command fixed.  
4101 2728d 02h mario79 / ZEROCONF and DOWNLOADER - using of SETTINGS directory for INI  
4100 2728d 02h mario79 /data/ Fix for r.4099  
4099 2728d 02h mario79 / MYKEY - using of SETTINGS directory for INI  
4097 2728d 03h mario79 / SETUP - using of SETTINGS directory for SETUP.DAT  
4096 2728d 03h mario79 / MENU - using of SETTINGS directory for MENU.DAT  
4095 2728d 03h mario79 / LAUNCHER - using of SETTINGS directory for AUTORUN.DAT  
4094 2728d 04h mario79 /data/ Fix for r.4091  
4093 2728d 04h mario79 / Fix for r.4092  
4092 2728d 04h mario79 /data/ Addition for r.4089  
4089 2728d 05h mario79 / PANEL - using of SETTINGS directory for INI.  
4087 2728d 17h mario79 /data/ Fix r.4086  
4086 2728d 18h mario79 / 1) Create SETTING directory for DAT, INI, LBL
2) Correcting SEARCHAP program
4048 2736d 09h clevermouse /data/ don't mix lowercase and uppercase in ramdisk names  
4046 2736d 09h leency /data/rus/ add forgotten "\"  
4045 2736d 09h leency /data/rus/ fix menu.dat, try to add NASM Timer to autobuild  
3954 2753d 10h clevermouse /data/ reorder games/ folder in the distribution kit  
3897 2775d 03h heavyiron / Added new icon from GerdtR to autobuild  
3836 2820d 14h mario79 /data/rus/ Fix r.3835  
3801 2835d 15h hidnplayr /data/ Added FTPc to autobuild.