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7531 512d 23h leency /data/ revert normal game names  
7529 512d 23h leency /data/ workaround tup issue  
7527 512d 23h leency /data/ ISO: move games outside folders in case when the folder had only one file the of game itself  
7509 517d 19h leency / ftpc: restrict cursor move to existing nodes  
7445 538d 14h leency / Add SuperStarTrack to ISO, add associations for CNC editor, update CPUid  
7425 545d 20h leency / Allgames: renamed "game_center" and its ini file to save space on ramdisk
Eolite: fixed big icon position in properties dialog
Board: press F2 to open boardlog.ini in Tinypad
Wv_skin.png: much better packed 2 secors instead of 5
Icons32.png: improved Almaz icons
7424 546d 15h leency / Remove from SVN and from IMG:
- lib/array.obj
- lib/library.obj
SoftwareWidget (SysPanel, GameCenter):
- use relative paths for /sys/
- use short additional app directory path /k/ for /kolibrios/
- update syspanel.ini and game_center.ini
- a lot of new game icons
- all monitor screens changed from 3:4 to wide ones (16:9)
- several fixes, like KFM floppy icon is now looks like a real floppy
This is a big change so there is a probability to broke a compatability with custom distro builds. Please be pationate in this case.
7410 554d 22h 0CodErr /data/ (WHOWTBAM + appdata.dat) -> iso  
7409 555d 00h 0CodErr /data/ added pop-up menu  
7394 559d 14h leency /data/ icons32.png: update knight icon by lev, add hot corners and 21 days game icons  
7374 561d 21h leency / icons32.png: several new game icons
software_widget: fix icon label pisition
7370 562d 22h leency / Add SysMon to IMG  
7241 712d 21h leency /data/ add "icons32" section in icons.ini  
7161 771d 22h leency / unz system integration  
7160 773d 19h leency / - add UNZ to autobuild
- remove unused data/<lang>/fonts folders
- update associations and set KIV as default viewer instead of zSea as it has resize now
- remove some debug info from C-- programs and make functions includable only if they are used in app
7137 832d 07h dunkaist / Remove more duplicates: doexe2.asm, network.ini, etc.  
7097 895d 19h leency /data/ icons32.png: nsinstall and netsurf icons  
7042 909d 22h 0CodErr /data/ Rename is implemented; corrected work with EditBox  
7028 915d 14h 0CodErr /data/rus/games/ fix prev.  
7022 915d 17h 0CodErr /data/ update fNav to 0.43+ and add it to img  

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