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7097 1135d 18h leency /data/ icons32.png: nsinstall and netsurf icons  
7042 1149d 21h 0CodErr /data/ Rename is implemented; corrected work with EditBox  
7028 1155d 13h 0CodErr /data/rus/games/ fix prev.  
7022 1155d 16h 0CodErr /data/ update fNav to 0.43+ and add it to img  
7018 1155d 22h 0CodErr /data/ change EditBox colors  
7017 1156d 07h leency / vncc: use big fonts, hide password, add to menu.dat  
7010 1156d 19h 0CodErr /data/ added spanish and italian version; some little fixes; show help by F1  
6991 1164d 15h leency /data/ add AUTORUN to syspanel.ini, fix build dependencies in Tupfile.lua, add TheBus to ISO, small update icons32.png, app_plus.ini, assoc.ini, game_center.ini  
6953 1176d 17h 0CodErr /data/ Upload RUN application to 'data/*' and add to autobuild.  
6761 1461d 17h leency / fix TXTREAD path  
6760 1461d 18h leency /data/ update desktop icons  
6752 1463d 11h leency /data/ build data: move megamaze to common folder,
icons32.png: add icons diff, textreader, clipboard
6748 1463d 21h leency /data/ add diff to autobuild, fix fplay path, add ac97snd to menu  
6740 1464d 16h leency /data/ update some icons  
6736 1465d 13h leency /data/ menu.dat: remove cubeline, replace /KolibriOS/ by /kolibrios/ as it is case sensitive now,
3D/Gears: replace C version by ASM version
6571 1512d 13h leency /data/ menu.dat: fix /sys/desktop to /sys/skincfg  
6569 1512d 18h leency /data/ add clipview to autobuild  
6440 1641d 14h pathoswithin /data/ Install.txt: update loading via GRUB  
6276 1739d 13h leency / add Almaz game to autobuild  
6265 1740d 20h leency / fix ЄєЇї appearance in kf_fonts; icons: knight for lev, update 3d pot icon; update rus game_center.ini  

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