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3127 2898d 01h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ Added custom build @panel to net branch so it does not destroy keymap on this older kernel.  
3111 2901d 09h leency /data/ create tmpdisk at system startup! (size = 10% from free RAM)  
3104 2903d 02h leency /data/ buf2d added to nighbuild  
3087 2909d 18h leency /data/ palitra added to autobuid, pic4 deleted  
3074 2911d 07h leency /data/ new @rb and @notify from KolibriN  
3073 2911d 07h leency /data/ fixed wrong path  
3071 2911d 07h leency /data/ HTMLv moved for new-stack and Vortex86MX-eng  
3012 2937d 15h dunkaist /data/ nightbuilds: convert background.gif to background.png, now it fits one sector (365 bytes)  
2944 3010d 22h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ Fix makefile  
2943 3010d 22h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ Added FTPd to new-stack autobuild  
2926 3022d 08h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ added i8254x driver to autobuild  
2872 3055d 14h hidnplayr / Renamed icmp.asm to ping.asm and added parameter support  
2835 3070d 06h leency /data/new-stack/ del tmpdisk fro new_stack autobuild  
2834 3070d 07h leency /data/ add tpmdisk driver to autobuild  
2817 3077d 10h IgorA / update 't_edit', add file 't_edit.ini'  
2816 3078d 02h clevermouse /data/ use advanced dependency scanner for fasm programs  
2812 3079d 02h leency /data/ fix makefiles  
2806 3081d 23h dunkaist /data/ "Period" program removed from english nightbuilds as it have russian interface  
2746 3094d 08h dunkaist /data/ docpak renamed to docpack, icons.dat corrected  
2744 3094d 09h clevermouse /data/ move t_edit to develop/ in night builds  

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