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6004 2173d 11h leency /data/ settings/lang.ini: make English default language, because a lot of programs still uses ASCII keys  
5971 2181d 16h leency /data/ settings.ini: move to /common/ folder, update "mouse" section  
5953 2188d 06h pathoswithin /data/ Update readmes  
5876 2224d 20h pavelyakov / system.ini: new param. font file
eolite: load system.ini param. font file
5873 2226d 11h pathoswithin /data/ Italian and belgian keymaps added to taskbar.
Common autorun.dat and keymap.key
5863 2231d 17h punk_joker /data/ use eskin in night build  
5855 2238d 06h pathoswithin /data/ ... and the .ini files!  
5850 2243d 14h pathoswithin /data/ Update setup.dat  
5827 2275d 11h leency /data/ autobuild: add textreader to floppy, move life2 to cd  
5762 2297d 16h leency /data/ Fit /sys/index.htm into single sector, move in to /common directory in autobuld  
5744 2301d 14h hidnplayr /data/ Removed dead link 'IPC' from menu.  
5701 2310d 08h leency /data/ Update default.skn, move it to common/ directory  
5586 2330d 15h hidnplayr / Zeroconfig: Support for multiple network devices. Allow static DNS when using DHCP.
Netstat: New window for IP configuration.
network.ini: New format that allows configuring more then one network device.
5495 2467d 17h hidnplayr /data/ Renamed zeroconf to @zeroconf, to mark it as a system service.
Updated autorun.dat accordingly and removed zeroconf from menu.
5468 2475d 16h leency / Pixie: upload the rest files, update and fix menu.dat, rename pixie skins to fit into 11 symbols  
5455 2477d 13h leency /data/ Finally: rename panel.ini to taskbar.ini  
5452 2477d 14h leency / Rename Panel to Taskbar  
5432 2481d 07h eAndrew / Add @volume - system volume mixer  
5431 2481d 11h leency /data/ update menu for all languages - add game canter  
5318 2532d 01h alpine /data/ Added Heliothryx game to menu.  
5251 2542d 12h alpine / Marble Match-3 game update (pre-release version)
- added sounds
- changed gameplay mode to time attack

Added this game to menu.
5123 2638d 20h clevermouse / * gcc flags: add -march=pentium-mmx -fno-rtti
* menuetlibc: fix printf, sprintf
* menuetlibc: alias clock() to sysfn 26.9.
Not exactly what is required by POSIX, but better than zero
* autobuild games/checkers
5115 2641d 10h clevermouse / auto-build games/xonix  
5113 2641d 11h clevermouse /data/ auto-build games/rforces  
5111 2641d 11h clevermouse /data/ switch games/reversi to auto-built version  
5107 2641d 12h clevermouse / auto-build /kolibrios/games/fara  
5099 2641d 14h clevermouse /data/ restore; not used for build anymore, but included in kolibri.img  
5098 2641d 14h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
5075 2652d 20h hidnplayr / Com mouse driver: added support for third button.  
5047 2664d 16h clevermouse /data/ refactor autobuild Makefiles  
5046 2664d 16h hidnplayr / Converted DEC21x4x driver to PE format.  
5045 2664d 17h hidnplayr / Converted RTL8139 driver to PE format.  
5044 2664d 19h clevermouse / convert tmpdisk and ps2mouse to PE  
5040 2666d 18h clevermouse /data/ fix build  
5039 2666d 18h clevermouse / support for stripped PE headers in drivers; declare COFF drivers deprecated  
5006 2697d 17h hidnplayr / Converted SIS900 driver to PE format.  
5005 2697d 17h hidnplayr / Converted RTL8029 driver to PE format.  
4999 2698d 14h hidnplayr /data/ Updated makefiles to assemble forcedeth driver with .sys extension instead of .obj.  
4972 2735d 09h Akyltist /data/ fix "colors" for new buttons.  
4964 2747d 12h eAndrew /data/ Fix