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4095 2597d 05h mario79 / LAUNCHER - using of SETTINGS directory for AUTORUN.DAT  
4094 2597d 05h mario79 /data/ Fix for r.4091  
4092 2597d 05h mario79 /data/ Addition for r.4089  
4089 2597d 06h mario79 / PANEL - using of SETTINGS directory for INI.  
4087 2597d 19h mario79 /data/ Fix r.4086  
4086 2597d 19h mario79 / 1) Create SETTING directory for DAT, INI, LBL
2) Correcting SEARCHAP program
4048 2605d 10h clevermouse /data/ don't mix lowercase and uppercase in ramdisk names  
4047 2605d 10h leency /data/ use nasm Timer in all other distros  
3954 2622d 12h clevermouse /data/ reorder games/ folder in the distribution kit  
3897 2644d 05h heavyiron / Added new icon from GerdtR to autobuild  
3801 2704d 17h hidnplayr /data/ Added FTPc to autobuild.  
3783 2706d 15h yogev_ezra /data/ Move pre-compiled binaries from Media folder into single place. If there is no difference between binaries in different auto-builds, then they should be all put in one place (/data/common).  
3739 2713d 23h mario79 / Translation of docs for zSea into English.  
3723 2716d 23h mario79 /data/ Adding a picture viewer zSea to the nightly builds ISO (for all language nightly builds, the final!)  
3709 2718d 04h clevermouse / full-fledged USB HID driver  
3677 2727d 04h mario79 /data/ Adding a video player Fplay in nightly builds. It works automatically only if there is a partition with a "file-label" kolibri.lbl, that is, in general issue, the CD/DVD ISO disk KolibriOS must be present in the drive.  
3667 2728d 19h mario79 /data/ Adding auto-mounting additional directory to the nightly build. For ENG/IT/SP.  
3601 2740d 02h hidnplayr / Improved loopback device, separate ARP tables for every interface, added arpstat functionality to netstat, preparing zeroconf to work on multiple interfaces, improved API (fn 76, fn 74), fixed some bugs.  
3575 2745d 22h hidnplayr /data/ Added configuration files for FTPD to autobuild image.  
3566 2746d 14h hidnplayr / Rewrote logic of downloader, added it to autobuild.  

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