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3520 2804d 23h clevermouse / USB support  
3508 2807d 05h clevermouse / force setting native resolution for intel displays  
3419 2857d 17h mario79 /data/ Adding ColorDialog to nightbuild.  
3364 2872d 04h leency /data/ Makefiles: using new version of Eolite  
3241 2900d 03h clevermouse /data/ don't recompile if nothing changed  
3237 2900d 07h clevermouse /data/ Autobuild (eng): create also a folder for the distribution kit  
3227 2906d 11h leency /data/ imgf: deleted build in filters  
3224 2907d 10h leency /data/ add ImgF to eng, it Makefile  
3173 2927d 01h hidnplayr /data/ Renamed VT8235.OBJ to VT823X.OBJ for autobuild.
(Source file is named vt823x.asm and it works for vt8235, vt8233,.. devices..)
3172 2927d 02h hidnplayr /data/eng/ Trying to fix makefile.  
3171 2927d 02h hidnplayr / Added new sound.obj wich automatically loads correct sound driver.
See forum for more details (
3136 2951d 01h leency /data/ fix  
3134 2951d 01h leency /data/ cleaned 13,5 Kb in distro!  
3108 2958d 22h leency /data/ add tmpdisk to autobuild  
3104 2960d 03h leency /data/ buf2d added to nighbuild  
3102 2961d 03h Akyltist /data/eng/ bug fix (add) default.skn:DEFAULT.SKN \  
3100 2961d 04h leency /data/ Palitra background  
3095 2962d 03h Albom /data/ Try to fix r3094 (moving e80 to cd-rom).  
3094 2962d 03h Albom /data/ Move ZX Spectrum emulator 'e80' from ramdisk to cd-rom. First and hope the last try.  
3092 2963d 21h leency /data/ 3d/3dcube2, 3d/flatwav, 3d/barge.lif, demos/fire deleted from distro. Menu fixed  

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