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2788 2944d 18h clevermouse / add hd_load and games to english livecd  
2782 2944d 20h clevermouse /data/eng/ add docs to english livecd  
2779 2944d 21h clevermouse /data/eng/ add skins to english autobuild  
2746 2954d 20h dunkaist /data/ docpak renamed to docpack, icons.dat corrected  
2744 2954d 20h clevermouse /data/ move t_edit to develop/ in night builds  
2729 2956d 18h mario79 /data/ Adding MADMOUSE application to autobuild  
2728 2956d 19h dunkaist /data/ remove KOX and LIGHTS games from nightbuild  
2723 2958d 08h mario79 /data/ Adding T_Edit application to autobuild - final result  
2702 2962d 17h mario79 /data/ Correction to r.2701  
2701 2962d 17h mario79 /data/ Adding REFRSCRN to the nightly builds  
2657 2989d 15h mario79 /data/ Add CROPFLAT for nightly builds  
2641 3000d 10h mario79 /data/ BGITEST and unused fonts are excluded from the nightly build is now.  
2640 3000d 10h mario79 / The fonts and are included in the kernel is now.  
2619 3004d 09h mario79 / TASK PANEL v2.0
1) New logic of switching windows (turnoff/restore)
2) New logic of button "clear desktop".
3) Win+D (restore/clear desktop), Win+R (start RUN application).
4) Using the library LibINI to set the parameters.
5) New style of panel.
6) Start application Menu with boot options.
7) Two versions of the location of the panel - the bottom of the desktop and on top of the desktop.
2593 3011d 21h clevermouse / fix compilation flags for uFMOD in ac97snd  
2538 3019d 09h mario79 / ICON v3.00 -
1) Program used only 2 threads: draw and mouse.
2) Used new kernel functions: 25, 34, 15.8, 4 (redirect).
3) Used PNG icons with transparent.
2457 3038d 12h leency /data/ intel_hda.obj for distro. If someone [Serge] will make autobuild from intel_hda sources, I will be glad him so much. :)  
2277 3197d 17h leency /data/ flood-it added to Makefile and menu.dat  
2272 3198d 07h leency /data/ menu.dat and makefiles updated  
2270 3198d 09h leency /data/ 3dspiral -> 3dwav  
2260 3199d 11h leency /data/ spanel deleted from Makefiles  
2255 3200d 18h mario79 / Remove the old VRR code. p.1  
2180 3220d 14h mario79 /data/eng/ correct makefile for ENG  
2109 3241d 11h leency / httpc deleted from distro, /sys/downloader -> /sys/network/downloader, menu updated  
2092 3243d 16h leency / copyr deleted from nigtbuilds. Finally  
2087 3244d 01h dunkaist / asciivju: v0.3 R3, makefiles update (building from source)  
2069 3246d 13h dunkaist /data/ makefiles update for r2067  
2035 3265d 15h mario79 / Fix for r.2031 (and 2034)  
2034 3265d 15h mario79 /data/ Fix for r.2031  
2021 3270d 18h clevermouse /data/ move atikms to the CD image  
2019 3270d 18h clevermouse /data/ separate dependencies of libddk and libcore  
2008 3275d 19h clevermouse /data/ add dependency on core.S  
1972 3300d 20h yogev_ezra /data/ Auto-build 'HTMLv'  
1971 3301d 07h lev / added sources of HTMLv with named colors and italic text support  
1955 3312d 18h mario79 /data/ Correct Makefile's for previous revisions.  
1936 3342d 05h yogev_ezra /data/eng/ Fix Makefile  
1934 3342d 05h yogev_ezra / games/soko: auto-build from sources  
1933 3342d 07h yogev_ezra / games/tanks: auto-build from sources  
1932 3342d 08h yogev_ezra /data/ games/klavisha: build from sources  
1911 3389d 22h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: autobuild livecd