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4972 2559d 21h Akyltist /data/ fix "colors" for new buttons.  
4969 2571d 03h 0CodErr /data/eng/ try add mstate to 'eng' autobuild  
4967 2571d 04h 0CodErr /data/eng/ try add tinfo to 'eng' autobuild  
4964 2571d 23h eAndrew /data/ Fix  
4963 2571d 23h eAndrew /data/ Deleted wallpaper.dat  
4960 2572d 18h yogev_ezra /data/ Makefile: fix path to FARA game.  
4958 2572d 18h yogev_ezra /data/ Makefiles: compact (coalesce files in the same folder into one line where possible).  
4957 2572d 18h yogev_ezra /data/ Add the new pre-compiled binaries (games & emulators) to menu.dat  
4956 2572d 20h yogev_ezra /data/ FCEU: Replace space with underscore in Readme file name.  
4955 2572d 20h yogev_ezra /data/ Correct Makefiles for changes in r4947-r4954  
4925 2584d 21h hidnplayr /data/ Fixed typo  
4916 2600d 00h mario79 /data/ MGB and FSPEED - moved to the section Testing of MENU  
4855 2613d 17h mario79 /data/ Tanks added to the Menu  
4843 2614d 20h leency /data/ iconstrp.png: update  
4836 2616d 17h mario79 / FSPEED - add to nightbuild  
4833 2617d 01h hidnplayr / Pasta: fixed memory leaks, added to autobuild.  
4812 2621d 20h eAndrew / Notify 3: filenames to lowercase  
4791 2623d 18h yogev_ezra /data/ Add Notify3 to en/et/es auto-build (replace Notify2)  
4787 2624d 11h Akyltist /data/ Add default.skn to [ru,en,es,it..]
Change path in "data/"
4701 2634d 19h hidnplayr /data/ Removed CD player from autobuild, it cannot work with current kernel.  

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