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7161 700d 06h leency / unz system integration  
7160 702d 03h leency / - add UNZ to autobuild
- remove unused data/<lang>/fonts folders
- update associations and set KIV as default viewer instead of zSea as it has resize now
- remove some debug info from C-- programs and make functions includable only if they are used in app
7002 850d 00h leency / update assoc.ini, make t_edit window bigger by default  
6991 853d 00h leency /data/ add AUTORUN to syspanel.ini, fix build dependencies in Tupfile.lua, add TheBus to ISO, small update icons32.png, app_plus.ini, assoc.ini, game_center.ini  
6963 863d 18h leency /data/common/settings/ assoc.ini: associate ZIP and 7Z with KFAR  
6958 864d 07h leency /data/ Well, yeah.
1. Remove KFONT_VIEWER and Listplay from "Open with" (but keep associations)
2. Set zero delays in AUTORUN.DAT instead of 1
3. Upload wallpapers deink.png and in_the_wind.png and copyright.txt
3.1. Set deink.png as default in IMG distro (filesize is 1 sector, 507b)
3.2. Add in_the_wind.png to ISO
4. syspanel.ini: fix Appearance app path
5. Tupfile.lua: fix sorting to alphabet as was initially planned
6759 1150d 03h leency / CMM: fix in io.h, rename TEXTREADER into TXTREAD,
icons32.png: change colors for DIFF app
make RunOS window wider
6636 1175d 23h leency /data/common/ fix associations for lif and pdf  
6578 1199d 05h leency /data/ update assoc for all file managers regarding to emulators  
6390 1382d 22h Unduing /data/common/settings/ fixed path to fceu, z80  
6169 1441d 06h leency / rename "desktop" app to "skincfg"  
6065 1463d 04h leency /data/ fb2read: update
icons32.png: fix fb2read icon
assoc.ini: fix fb2 assoc
Tupfile.lua: rename system_panel to syspanel
icon.ini: add syspanel to desktop @rb instead device link
File Managers/icons.ini: show txt icon for .fb2 files
6063 1463d 18h leency /data/ bf2read: add to autobuild  
5910 1530d 20h eAndrew /data/common/settings/ assoc.ini: add zSea, FPlay and emulators  
5909 1530d 21h eAndrew /data/common/settings/ assoc.ini: restore some associations (hotfix for r5908)  
5908 1530d 22h eAndrew / @open: add app-chains  
5903 1533d 01h eAndrew / Open: hide nonexistent applications  
5885 1535d 04h pavelyakov / Update fs.obj  
5884 1535d 19h pavelyakov / Add application kf viewer  
5628 1634d 19h leency /data/common/ icons32.png: some new and updated icons (by Aleksandr Petrov, Deis Serbak...)  

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