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7670 472d 05h leency / compress images by Andrey Oskin  
7646 507d 05h leency / mousecfg: load COM-mouse driver option
piano: upload to SVN
minimp3: reupload to SVN and add it to ISO
7622 539d 22h leency /data/common/media/ update updf binnary  
7533 687d 21h leency / appearance: save skin settings in eskin.ini
uPDF: run without param opens /sys/lod
7475 707d 18h leency / uPDF: working "open" button, update build script, start migration to kolibri.c from SHELL  
7203 916d 23h leency / use fplay_run to run Fplay with parameter wrapped into '"'  
6657 1421d 04h serge /data/common/ update binaries  
6581 1447d 23h leency /data/ upload and add to iso m2view, grafx2, fix fNav  
6155 1691d 14h leency /data/ remove fplay-full as non-used, add updf and vttf to svn and to autobuild  
5467 2038d 00h leency /data/ Add PIXIE to autobuild, move invaders to CD version  
5414 2046d 00h clevermouse /data/common/media/ fix autobuild: linux filesystem is case-sensitive  
5377 2079d 02h serge /data/common/ update binaries  
4483 2439d 23h mario79 /data/ Fplay - new version (including support for eBox).  
3783 2635d 03h yogev_ezra /data/ Move pre-compiled binaries from Media folder into single place. If there is no difference between binaries in different auto-builds, then they should be all put in one place (/data/common).  
3729 2644d 20h mario79 /data/ Fplay-full i586mmx - just to work on the computers where the processor is haven't the SSE instructions  
3677 2655d 16h mario79 /data/ Adding a video player Fplay in nightly builds. It works automatically only if there is a partition with a "file-label" kolibri.lbl, that is, in general issue, the CD/DVD ISO disk KolibriOS must be present in the drive.  
3227 2788d 02h leency /data/ imgf: deleted build in filters  
3224 2789d 01h leency /data/ add ImgF to eng, it Makefile  
3213 2791d 23h leency /data/ add ImgF to /data folder