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7686 65d 14h leency / KosChess: move to appropriate place  
7670 155d 11h leency / compress images by Andrey Oskin  
7650 182d 12h leency / ataka: fix window height, translate to English, move to ISO
piano: translate to English
7542 370d 01h leency /data/ fix filename  
7541 370d 01h leency / pig game: cd workaround  
7447 398d 05h leency / Iconedit: add menu "Icon" with functions Replace color in canvas and Count unic colors used
H2d2b: allow input numbers only in
Sstartrek: rename Readme.txt to sst.doc
7445 398d 22h leency / Add SuperStarTrack to ISO, add associations for CNC editor, update CPUid  
7423 407d 01h leency / Knight game: update by lev
Palitra: save noisy state
Game_center: use tricky binnary to save 4.5 Kb
Mp3Info: upload version 0.7
6840 1026d 05h dunkaist /data/ Remove prebuilt megamaze, use autobuilt binary  
6752 1083d 21h leency /data/ build data: move megamaze to common folder,
icons32.png: add icons diff, textreader, clipboard
6260 1361d 21h leency /data/common/ define icons: knight game, voxel editor, magic square  
6249 1362d 21h leency / update knight game  
6182 1372d 05h leency /data/ hex patch Mun to use its own /kolibrios/games/mun/libc.dll instead /kolibrios/lib/libc.dll  
6180 1372d 08h leency /data/ fix autobuild, upload mun game  
6179 1372d 08h leency / - autobuid: added BabyPainter, Knight, Bomber
- game_center.ini: fixed paths
5474 1720d 21h ZblCoder / LaserTank: Fix bugs
Fix start position to 15 level
Fix draw window and fix resize
Fix mouse position
5470 1721d 04h yogev_ezra /data/common/games/LaserTank/ Add LevelEditor for LaserTank  
5331 1777d 02h ZblCoder / LaserTank water rampant added, new levels  
5297 1778d 02h ZblCoder / LaserTank pause menu added  
5296 1778d 04h ZblCoder / LaserTank new laser wall added, new mirror box added, fix render  

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