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5062 2614d 01h clevermouse /data/common/ fix fasmdep: file dependencies were sometimes not recognized  
5047 2622d 05h clevermouse /data/ refactor autobuild Makefiles  
4630 2783d 23h clevermouse /data/ FASM binary on autobuild server has been updated to 1.71.20.
Fake modification of Makefile.fasm to force recompiling everything in fasm.
3914 2958d 21h dunkaist /data/rus/ fix build for /data/rus  
2846 3399d 23h clevermouse /data/ add kerpack which was removed in r2816 by mistake  
2816 3411d 23h clevermouse /data/ use advanced dependency scanner for fasm programs  
2783 3418d 04h clevermouse / add hd_load to russian livecd  
2777 3418d 07h clevermouse /data/ add skins to russian autobuild  
2363 3533d 09h clevermouse /data/ don't recompile fasm programs on every commit  
2347 3548d 08h clevermouse /data/ autobuild: fix dependency tracking for fasm in case of spaces in name  
2026 3743d 07h clevermouse /data/ autobuild: add rule for FASM_PROGRAMS_CD  
1820 3919d 07h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: fix fasm,nasm dependency handling  
1744 3932d 03h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: separate fasm rule from programs list to avoid unnecessary rebuilds