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7630 640d 22h leency / rename panels_cfg to barscfg and change path of /sys/media/pixie/pixie to just /sys/media/pixie  
7628 641d 08h leency / Eolite File Manager 4.1:
- show 8.3 names in title case at /rd/1,
- add hotkeys to change sorting by Ctrl+Fn
- change disk drive by Ctrl+number
Kolibri Graphics Benchmark 0.9 (mgb):
- big fonts and UI impovements
- add second editbox to edit the Right comment
- show difference in percent between two columns
- if the difference is less or equal to 1% it is not shown
- Russian translation by Daniel Ovchinnikov
- add 16x16 icon for *.mgb files, add associations
- add Pig icon, bought at and a bit improved
- improve icons
7516 808d 08h leency / Table 0.99.1:
- autodetect separator
- open with param
- add accoc to fm
7472 823d 18h leency / rename FONT_VIEWER to KF_VIEW
add more apps to APP+
7467 824d 15h leency / t_edit: compress images so binary file size decreased from 11558 to 9237, better INI color scheme, set INI associations to TextEdit  
7445 830d 09h leency / Add SuperStarTrack to ISO, add associations for CNC editor, update CPUid  
7203 1031d 15h leency / use fplay_run to run Fplay with parameter wrapped into '"'  
6636 1539d 10h leency /data/common/ fix associations for lif and pdf  
6578 1562d 16h leency /data/ update assoc for all file managers regarding to emulators  
6169 1804d 17h leency / rename "desktop" app to "skincfg"  
6063 1827d 06h leency /data/ bf2read: add to autobuild  
5489 2149d 21h leency /data/common/ Add ASC associations for View3DS  
5469 2152d 16h leency /data/common/ update file associations for Pixie  
4678 2492d 19h leency /data/ WebView: add wv_skin.png to makefile, fix associations  
4585 2521d 00h Asper /data/common/File Managers/ assign m3u to ac97snd (2)  
4177 2629d 09h leency /data/ use /data/common/File Managers/ folder instead such folder for each language