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6580 1519d 18h leency / fix cmm/app_data, add fNav to ISO  
6578 1519d 19h leency /data/ update assoc for all file managers regarding to emulators  
6505 1560d 09h punk_joker / Eolite 3.61: status bar optionaly; Show file names in original case;  
6169 1761d 20h leency / rename "desktop" app to "skincfg"  
6065 1783d 18h leency /data/ fb2read: update
icons32.png: fix fb2read icon
assoc.ini: fix fb2 assoc
Tupfile.lua: rename system_panel to syspanel
icon.ini: add syspanel to desktop @rb instead device link
File Managers/icons.ini: show txt icon for .fb2 files
6063 1784d 09h leency /data/ bf2read: add to autobuild  
6040 1793d 20h leency /data/common/File Managers/ eolite.ini: remove outdated setting DoubleClickDelay  
5576 1969d 07h pavelyakov / Fixed bugs, new functions.  
5575 1973d 09h pavelyakov / Fixed hover mouse Eolite. New features in Eolite (double-click). Also append new mouse events.  
5489 2107d 00h leency /data/common/ Add ASC associations for View3DS  
5469 2109d 19h leency /data/common/ update file associations for Pixie  
5459 2110d 20h punk_joker / Eolite: the notification of the completion of the copy (optionaly)  
5402 2121d 10h leency /data/common/File Managers/ Eolite.ini fix  
5399 2121d 11h punk_joker / Eolite 1.43: use libini  
5382 2147d 18h igevorse /data/common/File Managers/ Replace [Associations] to [Assoc] in eolite.ini  
4678 2449d 22h leency /data/ WebView: add wv_skin.png to makefile, fix associations  
4585 2478d 03h Asper /data/common/File Managers/ assign m3u to ac97snd (2)  
4395 2540d 09h punk_joker / Eolite 2.15.2: fixed and small change  
4394 2540d 19h punk_joker / Eolite 2.15.1: add to ini flag show disk free space bar  
4223 2578d 13h leency /data/common/File Managers/ Eolite.ini: RealFileNamesCase=0 (disabled by default)  

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