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8668 5d 04h leency /data/common/settings/ games.ini: add wolf3d to Game centre  
8661 10d 01h leency /data/common/ icons32.png: add wolf3d icon  
8651 17d 00h turbocat / Wolf3d:
- Fixed autobuild
8512 97d 08h leency /data/ Rename game "Padenie" into "Descent", add Eng translation via HEX-editor, add to GameCenter  
8503 98d 13h maxcodehack /data/ Fix autobuild (move checkers to ISO)  
8484 106d 00h leency / system menu: smaller config files  
8471 108d 02h superturbocat2001 / - Added TinyBasic to autobuild  
8460 112d 06h superturbocat2001 / - Added thashview to autobuild  
8433 116d 02h superturbocat2001 /data/common/settings/ Fix assoc.ini  
8431 116d 02h superturbocat2001 /data/common/ - Added thashview to iso
- Added associations
8424 116d 10h leency /data/common/ ICONS32.PNG: better icons for HEX Editor and Folder  
8418 116d 11h leency / Netsurf: upload binnaries, add to ISO
NSINST: run app if exists on TPM, ISO, if not the download
8375 120d 09h maxcodehack /data/ Add uARM emulator to ISO  
8372 121d 03h leency /data/common/ icons32.png: new icons thashview and netsurf  
8365 121d 09h leency / IMG: clean up in folders, mostly in /DEMOS/ and /DEVELOP/, move examples to /DEVELOP/EXAMPLES/
asciivju: add font type switcher
8355 123d 02h leency / WebView beta 4: bugfixes  
8318 128d 15h maxcodehack / Replace binarie with autobuild ('fridge')  
8303 130d 07h leency /data/ texture: new app ported to Kolibri by 0CodErr, added to /kolibrios/utils/  
8285 131d 22h leency / Move VMODE to ISO (as it is useless without drivers that are on ISO)  
8256 135d 23h leency / Various small fixes  

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