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7778 322d 17h leency / Add a new Menu component into IMG, use it in Eolite and Appearance  
7769 327d 23h leency / SYSPANEL: add Russian translation  
7760 329d 23h leency / add forgotten tcc files  
7715 410d 18h leency /data/ fix stack.txt in data/Tupfile.lua  
7685 539d 09h leency / KosChess: upload to SVN, add to ISO  
7664 646d 14h dunkaist /data/ Fix autobuild without nasm.  
7660 650d 03h leency / @taskbar: remove set ButtonStyle feature as duplication of eskin
KolibriN Install update
7658 654d 03h leency / use a new screensaver, C-- a new UI component FileBox used in DIFF app  
7655 656d 01h leency /data/ delete unnecessary asterisk  
7654 656d 01h leency / add KolibriNext installer to ISO  
7653 656d 06h leency /data/ add wallpappers  
7651 656d 06h leency /data/ ups, fix  
7650 656d 06h leency / ataka: fix window height, translate to English, move to ISO
piano: translate to English
7648 659d 20h leency / eyes: fix blinking
piano: add to rus IMG, make the code more flexible
graph: big fonts
7647 660d 01h leency / APM: slightly update UI and add it to IMG
ICONS32.PNG: new mouse and APM icons, update SYSMON icons
KFONT viewer: add colored mode, on by default
7646 664d 05h leency / mousecfg: load COM-mouse driver option
piano: upload to SVN
minimp3: reupload to SVN and add it to ISO
7643 673d 02h leency /data/ Add forgotten slash  
7642 673d 02h leency / Fix FCEU save folder path and window width
Add 4 freeware NES games to Templates folder
Update SNTP by Coldy
7640 674d 20h leency / add sntp to IMG
move notes to ISO
new icons: MGB, TXT; folder icon update
KFM fix toolbar background overflow window border
fit eskin into a single FAT sector
7636 677d 20h leency / barscfg: add options to enable and disable @taskbar and @docky
icons32.png: new library icon
other small fixes

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