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7410 680d 07h 0CodErr /data/ (WHOWTBAM + appdata.dat) -> iso  
7390 685d 02h theonlymirage /data/ Adding "Hot Angles" to the image  
7385 685d 05h theonlymirage /data/ Сommented the bad line @HOTANGLES  
7384 685d 08h leency /data/ fix order  
7383 685d 08h leency / fix HotAngles build  
7382 685d 13h theonlymirage /data/ Edit Tupfile.lua in data: @HOTANGLES  
7381 685d 14h theonlymirage /data/ Temporary commenting of rows with an error  
7380 685d 14h theonlymirage /data/ Adding "Hot Angles" to the image/distribution (edit Tupfile.lua in data)  
7373 687d 09h leency / Lights (SQ_GAME): update code and UI
Sysmon: show RAM used in KiB
Sudoku: avoid window move when open/close additional panel
Snake: make a grid less visible
Icons32.png: add couple game icons
7370 688d 07h leency / Add SysMon to IMG  
7368 688d 09h pavelyakov /data/ changed the path  
7367 688d 09h pavelyakov /data/ fix3  
7366 688d 09h pavelyakov /data/ fix2  
7364 688d 10h pavelyakov /data/ Fix 1  
7363 688d 10h IgorA / add 'cnc_editor' in *.iso  
7350 692d 22h leency / Add mos3de demo, fix 3dspiral window height, return 3dcube2 to img  
7327 707d 06h pavelyakov / По решению администрации убрал функцию  
7321 709d 06h pavelyakov / Added KERNEL process  
7254 834d 05h leency / Add Appearance: add standard edit;
IconEdit: ability to open image size up to 256*256, add to IMG
7245 836d 09h leency / EasyShot going GOLD, added to distro  

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