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7118 1397d 05h dunkaist / Build kerpack from source, remove binary.  
7081 1439d 06h 0CodErr / edit Tupfile.lua  
7058 1440d 04h ashmew2 / Add Netsurf installer to .img  
7053 1444d 09h leency /data/ fix accidentally uploaded non-compressed image  
7052 1444d 09h leency / move /sys/File Managers/z_icons.png to /sys/icons16.png  
7029 1452d 03h 0CodErr /data/ to uppercase file names  
7027 1452d 05h 0CodErr /data/ for prev.  
7025 1452d 06h 0CodErr /data/ remove BASEKURS.KLA from img  
7022 1452d 07h 0CodErr /data/ update fNav to 0.43+ and add it to img  
7015 1453d 06h 0CodErr /data/ fix for #7010  
7014 1453d 07h leency / Trying to fix TUP: rename @icon.asm to icon.asm #2  
7011 1453d 11h 0CodErr /data/ fix for previous mistake in tupfile  
7010 1453d 11h 0CodErr /data/ added spanish and italian version; some little fixes; show help by F1  
6998 1459d 14h 0CodErr /data/ move fillscr to /sys/media  
6993 1461d 07h leency /data/ fix prior commit #2  
6992 1461d 07h leency /data/ fix prior rev  
6991 1461d 07h leency /data/ add AUTORUN to syspanel.ini, fix build dependencies in Tupfile.lua, add TheBus to ISO, small update icons32.png, app_plus.ini, assoc.ini, game_center.ini  
6982 1462d 16h leency /data/ add libjpeg.dll and libpng16.dll to ISO  
6967 1471d 01h leency /data/ fix appearance path  
6966 1471d 14h 0CodErr /data/ add fillscr to autobuild, remove refrscrn from autobuild  

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