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8018 37d 03h leency / img_transform: add to ISO
sysfuncr.txt: prettify formatting
7996 43d 03h leency / KFM: use build-in icons  
7994 43d 22h leency / Backy: new version by JohnXenox  
7959 51d 05h leency / boxlib/tree_list: react on double click as on enter
ftpc: set default user and server (, some cosmetic improvements
beat and playnote: add to ISO
7947 52d 09h Boppan /data/ Add missing headers for dynamic linking.  
7946 53d 08h leency / Replace TxtRead by Quark in IMG  
7931 55d 03h leency /data/ remove Life from menu.dat as it is at ISO now; and accessible from APP+  
7928 55d 05h leency / fix various bugs found by Yuriy Olegov  
7911 60d 11h leency / cmm move small aps into cmm/misc folder  
7900 63d 06h leency / more apps into testing folder  
7899 63d 06h leency / move some apps to the programs/testing folder  
7889 64d 03h leency / icons16.png: small colors tweak to bring them into the common gamma
eng/settings/menu.dat: general update, sunc with rus
/data/rus/pipetka: remove as it is closed-source and replace by
pipet: add to IMG/develop/pipet (open-source, copy to clipboard function)
cmm/lib/io.h: fix library function
ircc: add 'x' to the close button, update tab colors to fix low contrast on some skins
7885 64d 08h leency / add backy to IMG, update cmm/lib/collection.h  
7875 65d 19h dunkaist /data/ FIx typo in Tupfile.lua, copy kwine libs to the ISO.  
7874 65d 20h leency /data/ trying to add kwine ot ISO again  
7871 65d 21h leency /data/ fix prior  
7866 66d 17h leency / file managers: associate .img with unimg
add LUA to ISO
7865 66d 18h leency /data/ hm... exclude kwine  
7864 66d 18h leency / MENU.DAT: general update of Russian version
UNIMG: upload binnary, add to IMG
KWINE: upload to SVN, add to ISO
7863 66d 19h leency / FASM: fix whole system hung if source was "dd %t" (by Prohor Nikiforov)
KFM: buildin buttons.bmp
CMM: update libs

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