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9881 52 d 0 h turbocat /data/ Adding VirtualBox driver to ISO: done.  
9842 169 d 2 h turbocat /data/ Added DGEN to ISO and create file associatons.  
9820 191 d 23 h dunkaist / Move weather.json config to /kolibrios

Weather app was moved to /kolibrios a year ago, move its config there
too. There is no reason for the config to be in img since nobody in img
uses it.

Also, update Weather to look for its config not only in /sys but also
in /kolibrios.
9797 219 d 0 h dunkaist / [autobuild] Fix asm-only and no-gcc build  
9795 219 d 4 h dunkaist /data/ [autobuild] Split command list even more to avoid 'execl: Argument list too long'  
9762 233 d 21 h vitalkrilov / Graph: manual corrected.
Graph (branch: tcc_current):
- Rewritten in C so now it can be compiled with tcc.
- Added functions: pow (^) and mod (%), arcctg, sgn, sec, cosec, log2, log3, log10.
- Added aliases for functions: tan, cot, arctan, arccot, lg, lb, ln.
- Fixed bugs with box_lib's edit_box.
- Removed deprecated/potentially unused code.
- Now an "Edit" button launches Cedit, not Tinypad.
- Now there is a better graph rendering: fixed bugs with text drawing.
- Added to autobuild list and in iso.
9688 298 d 6 h leency /data/ use old geode binnary instead of autobuild version that is not working  
9686 298 d 6 h leency /data/ add knmap binnary to IMG  
9684 298 d 11 h turbocat /data/ Added objconv to ISO.  
9665 311 d 4 h turbocat /data/ tcc updated in ISO  
9653 317 d 4 h turbocat /data/ - Removed TeaTool from ISO;
- Added auto-builded man2html.
9639 320 d 10 h vitalkrilov /data/ KMatrix: now autobuilt binary will be in ISO  
9609 325 d 5 h dunkaist /data/ Fix a typo in data/Tupfile.lua: BUGHBROT -> BUDHBROT  
9604 326 d 12 h leency / do not include into IMG, use var in as it was before
webview: more peach default bg
9601 326 d 23 h leency / kf_view: refactoring (-2 img sectors)  
9596 327 d 4 h leency /data/ fix build  
9595 327 d 4 h leency / rename @HOTANGLES to @HA to fit into 8.3  
9578 330 d 1 h leency /data/ add flac, ogg and minimp3 libraries to ISO  
9559 333 d 9 h turbocat /data/ rollback to r9525  
9555 334 d 5 h turbocat /data/ Fixed paths for copying tcc.  

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