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4916 2777d 15h mario79 /data/ MGB and FSPEED - moved to the section Testing of MENU  
4883 2785d 15h leency /data/common/ notify3: small icons fix  
4858 2789d 18h leency /data/common/ iconstrp.png: fix, was wrongly used alpha-channel  
4855 2791d 07h mario79 /data/ Tanks added to the Menu  
4853 2791d 09h leency /data/common/ iconstrp.png: size optimization (-6Kb)  
4852 2791d 09h leency /data/common/ iconstrp.png: general update, new monitor and game icons  
4843 2792d 11h leency /data/ iconstrp.png: update  
4836 2794d 08h mario79 / FSPEED - add to nightbuild  
4833 2794d 15h hidnplayr / Pasta: fixed memory leaks, added to autobuild.  
4822 2797d 17h eAndrew / Notify3: icon P -> S; new "sound" and "ok" icons  
4814 2798d 18h eAndrew / Notify3: del HARDDRRIVE icon, integration in @icon and mouseemul  
4812 2799d 11h eAndrew / Notify 3: filenames to lowercase  
4809 2799d 16h eAndrew / Notify 3: fix TEST.SH (-d key); add TEST2.SH (all icons); new icons in NOTIFY3.PNG; some changes in source...  
4808 2800d 03h Serge /data/common/lib/static/ ffmpeg-2.2.1 static libraries  
4807 2800d 04h Serge /data/common/lib/static/ prebuilt static libraries  
4800 2800d 14h right-hearted /data/it/ Removing uPDF from auto build.  
4791 2801d 08h yogev_ezra /data/ Add Notify3 to en/et/es auto-build (replace Notify2)  
4789 2801d 09h yogev_ezra / Move skins that use the old skin framework to "skins/_old"  
4787 2802d 01h Akyltist /data/ Add default.skn to [ru,en,es,it..]
Change path in "data/"
4786 2802d 10h eAndrew /data/common/ fix  
4785 2802d 10h eAndrew /data/rus/ Notify3 to autobuild  
4784 2802d 12h eAndrew / Notify 3 to svn  
4780 2802d 21h right-hearted / Adding cmapdump and fontdump  
4777 2803d 08h right-hearted /data/it/ Removed updf from autobuild  
4776 2803d 08h right-hearted /data/it/ Checking if newlib would build  
4767 2804d 10h right-hearted / Building updf using ready menuetlibc  
4762 2804d 16h right-hearted /data/it/ Still struggling with menuetlibc  
4760 2804d 16h right-hearted / Trying to build openjpeg  
4758 2804d 16h right-hearted / Adding openjpeg to autobuild  
4752 2804d 20h right-hearted /data/it/ still don't know CC and LD  
4751 2804d 20h right-hearted /data/it/ Checking CC LD and NASM  
4750 2804d 21h right-hearted /data/it/ Checking out CC LD and NASM  
4744 2805d 00h right-hearted / Trying to make menuetlibc compile.  
4733 2807d 01h right-hearted /data/it/ Changed compiling rules based on e80 example  
4732 2807d 02h right-hearted /data/it/ Removed some options from building  
4731 2807d 02h right-hearted /data/it/ moved updf directly to instruction "all"  
4730 2807d 02h right-hearted /data/it/ Adding updf to autobuild  
4715 2810d 23h right-hearted /data/it/ Removed updf from autobuild  
4714 2811d 11h right-hearted /data/it/ Edited part of code making server stuck  
4712 2811d 11h right-hearted /data/it/ removed updf from autobuild