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2178 3730d 16h mario79 /data/rus/ attempt to correct makefile  
2124 3748d 22h clevermouse /data/ remove atikms from autorun  
2117 3750d 13h leency /data/rus/ correct menu.dat  
2109 3751d 13h leency / httpc deleted from distro, /sys/downloader -> /sys/network/downloader, menu updated  
2092 3753d 18h leency / copyr deleted from nigtbuilds. Finally  
2087 3754d 03h dunkaist / asciivju: v0.3 R3, makefiles update (building from source)  
2082 3754d 20h leency / Small icons fixes (Eolite & Iconstrp)  
2081 3754d 23h leency /data/rus/File Managers/ correct eolite.ini  
2070 3756d 14h dunkaist /data/Vortex86MX-eng/ Vortex makefile update for r2067, sorry  
2069 3756d 14h dunkaist /data/ makefiles update for r2067  
2035 3775d 17h mario79 / Fix for r.2031 (and 2034)  
2034 3775d 17h mario79 /data/ Fix for r.2031  
2026 3779d 22h clevermouse /data/ autobuild: add rule for FASM_PROGRAMS_CD  
2021 3780d 19h clevermouse /data/ move atikms to the CD image  
2019 3780d 19h clevermouse /data/ separate dependencies of libddk and libcore  
2013 3782d 21h yogev_ezra /data/rus/ games/soko: remove the last file from Russian build  
2012 3782d 21h yogev_ezra /data/ 1) Update HD Audio driver in Vortex86MX image with a shorter-timings drivers
2) Update iconstrp.gif in all images with a new file from Leency
3) Remove games/soko from the Russian image to save some disk space
2008 3785d 20h clevermouse /data/ add dependency on core.S  
1999 3798d 20h clevermouse / launcher: quoted parameters; allow tabs in place of spaces  
1973 3810d 22h yogev_ezra /data/ 'HTMLv': remove pre-compiled binaries  

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