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8516 105d 09h superturbocat2001 / - Added "whois" to autobuild  
8512 105d 15h leency /data/ Rename game "Padenie" into "Descent", add Eng translation via HEX-editor, add to GameCenter  
8510 106d 07h leency /data/ fix prior  
8503 106d 20h maxcodehack /data/ Fix autobuild (move checkers to ISO)  
8484 114d 07h leency / system menu: smaller config files  
8472 116d 07h superturbocat2001 / - Added teatool to autobuild
- Added CONFIG_NO_TCC=full to tup.config.template
8471 116d 09h superturbocat2001 / - Added TinyBasic to autobuild  
8460 120d 13h superturbocat2001 / - Added thashview to autobuild  
8445 122d 14h leency / WebView 3.15: no more static buffers for parsing tag, some fixes, update page not found  
8434 124d 09h superturbocat2001 /data/ - Added tinygl, cryptal, net headers tcc to ISO  
8433 124d 09h superturbocat2001 /data/common/settings/ Fix assoc.ini  
8432 124d 09h superturbocat2001 /data/ - Fixed appearance of extra files in tcc
- Added thashview in tup
8431 124d 09h superturbocat2001 /data/common/ - Added thashview to iso
- Added associations
8424 124d 17h leency /data/common/ ICONS32.PNG: better icons for HEX Editor and Folder  
8423 124d 18h leency /data/ fix path (epic facepalm)  
8422 124d 18h leency /data/ fix path (facepalm)  
8421 124d 18h leency /data/ fix path 2  
8420 124d 18h leency /data/ fix path  
8419 124d 18h leency /data/ netsurf: add to ISO  
8418 124d 18h leency / Netsurf: upload binnaries, add to ISO
NSINST: run app if exists on TPM, ISO, if not the download

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