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8041 162d 13h leency /data/common/ fb2read: "AUTO" button for encodeing autodetect / by akron1  
8025 175d 15h leency / house.3ds: smaller version by macgub
view3ds: mouse scroll support in edit mode; some keys support (+/-,up,down,left,right)
fb2read: search feature by akron1
8018 179d 21h leency / img_transform: add to ISO
sysfuncr.txt: prettify formatting
7996 185d 20h leency / KFM: use build-in icons  
7994 186d 15h leency / Backy: new version by JohnXenox  
7988 188d 01h leency / notify: use image of any color depth
notify3.png: pack image -1.5Kb without colors degradation
7981 188d 22h leency / mblocks: -1 IMG sector
games.ini & allgames: use /kg/ link for /kolibrios/games to get -1 IMG sector
7960 193d 16h leency / icons32.png: add Backy icon
appearance: bugfixes
quark: update search
7959 193d 23h leency / boxlib/tree_list: react on double click as on enter
ftpc: set default user and server (, some cosmetic improvements
beat and playnote: add to ISO
7957 194d 11h leency / icon_new: also fix RMB, thanks Prohor for found issue
asciivju: better code, bigger fonts
quark: bugfixes
7947 195d 03h Boppan /data/ Add missing headers for dynamic linking.  
7946 196d 01h leency / Replace TxtRead by Quark in IMG  
7939 196d 18h leency / eskin: check skin exists 5 times with delay  
7938 196d 20h leency / eskin: fix for KIV images located at /kolibrios and /usbhd drives, it checks is the file exists for 5 times with perioud 1 second
fNav, kfar: add assoc dtp=skincfg
cmm/osupdate: upload
7937 196d 22h leency / icons16.png: new icon for .pal and .dtp files
skincfg: support of .dtp file open
7936 197d 00h leency / hardware_support.htm: update; webview: bugfixes  
7931 197d 21h leency /data/ remove Life from menu.dat as it is at ISO now; and accessible from APP+  
7930 197d 21h leency / demos/3d/flatwav: small update, add to ISO, fix RUS menu.dat  
7928 197d 22h leency / fix various bugs found by Yuriy Olegov  
7911 203d 04h leency / cmm move small aps into cmm/misc folder  

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