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7275 1024d 01h leency / IconEdit 0.56: add crop tool, fix several issues  
7269 1028d 05h leency /data/common/ Update RDSAVE and WEBVIEW icons, add more 32x32 icon associations in icons.ini  
7266 1030d 04h leency / various small updates  
7265 1031d 05h leency / IconEdit 0.53: Test Icon window; icons32.png: update some icons, changes were done directly in IconEdit  
7259 1037d 09h leency / IconEdit 0.49: draw bar tool (filled rectangle)  
7257 1038d 05h leency / IconEdit 0.48: decrease redraw, improve file save, fix pencil undo, code clean  
7256 1039d 06h leency / add fNav and Bomber game icons, fix/update my skins and Night skin (moved from _old to ok), Eolite small fixes for big icons support  
7255 1040d 01h leency / IocnEdit 0.47: small fixes  
7254 1040d 07h leency / Add Appearance: add standard edit;
IconEdit: ability to open image size up to 256*256, add to IMG
7245 1042d 10h leency / EasyShot going GOLD, added to distro  
7241 1044d 06h leency /data/ add "icons32" section in icons.ini  
7234 1046d 09h leency /data/ fix path  
7233 1046d 09h leency /data/ Replace Pixie by Pixie2 in IMG distro  
7223 1058d 04h leency /data/common/ update icons16.png  
7222 1058d 20h leency /data/ Tupfile.lua: fix compiler dependencies  
7216 1060d 10h leency /data/ add TinyBasic to ISO  
7214 1060d 21h akron1 /data/common/ fb2read v0.9c:
bug fixes, faster text drawing
7211 1066d 03h nisargshah95 /data/ Add ftpc.ini to Kolibri image  
7205 1071d 00h IgorA / voxel_editor and utilites: include toolbars into program files  
7203 1071d 05h leency / use fplay_run to run Fplay with parameter wrapped into '"'  

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