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7137 1170d 05h dunkaist / Remove more duplicates: doexe2.asm, network.ini, etc.  
7131 1173d 11h dunkaist /data/ Try to autobuild UEFI loader. Strange, it works on my PC.  
7130 1173d 12h dunkaist / Add UEFI stuff.  
7118 1198d 12h dunkaist / Build kerpack from source, remove binary.  
7111 1204d 00h akron1 /data/common/ fb2read v0.9b: remove italic style  
7097 1233d 17h leency /data/ icons32.png: nsinstall and netsurf icons  
7095 1234d 09h leency /data/common/ updated icons  
7081 1240d 14h 0CodErr / edit Tupfile.lua  
7059 1241d 11h ashmew2 /data/eng/settings/ Add NSINSTALL to Desktop (Bad icon)  
7058 1241d 11h ashmew2 / Add Netsurf installer to .img  
7055 1244d 19h 0CodErr /data/common/File Managers/fNav/ edit set-file  
7054 1245d 11h leency / Eolite 3.82: use icons16.png for icons and "/sys/File Managers/icons.ini" for icon associations instead of build in data  
7053 1245d 17h leency /data/ fix accidentally uploaded non-compressed image  
7052 1245d 17h leency / move /sys/File Managers/z_icons.png to /sys/icons16.png  
7042 1247d 20h 0CodErr /data/ Rename is implemented; corrected work with EditBox  
7030 1252d 23h leency /data/common/ add readme.txt for achi driver, a bit compress fNav images  
7029 1253d 11h 0CodErr /data/ to uppercase file names  
7028 1253d 13h 0CodErr /data/rus/games/ fix prev.  
7027 1253d 13h 0CodErr /data/ for prev.  
7025 1253d 13h 0CodErr /data/ remove BASEKURS.KLA from img  

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