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6250 1385d 20h leency / upload app_plus and add it to autobuild  
6249 1385d 21h leency / update knight game  
6248 1385d 22h IgorA /data/ fix pervios  
6247 1385d 22h IgorA / add 'voxel_editor' to iso, small fixes in 'info3ds'  
6237 1388d 05h IgorA / update code  
6236 1388d 08h nosferatus /data/ca/ Add folder CA Catalan  
6233 1389d 18h leency /data/common/settings/ autorun.dat: speedup system load  
6232 1389d 18h pathoswithin /data/common/settings/ Change mouse default settings  
6226 1389d 21h leency /data/ add tinygl.obj and info3ds to iso version  
6225 1389d 22h leency / autobuild: remove fceu folder from /common/, use /programs/emulator/fceu/ instead; rename fce binary to fceu; add e80 readme.txt to autobuild  
6223 1389d 23h leency / fix almaz autobuild, add 4 new icons  
6210 1391d 20h IgorA / fix rev 6208, fix 'buf2d.obj'  
6208 1391d 21h IgorA / add 'info3ds_u' in iso  
6207 1391d 22h leency / use autobuild default.skn instead prebuild file  
6188 1394d 22h hidnplayr /data/ Fix autobuild  
6187 1394d 22h hidnplayr /data/ Fix autobuild  
6186 1394d 22h hidnplayr /data/ Fix autobuild  
6185 1394d 22h hidnplayr /data/ Remove (broken) precompiled soko from SVN. Remove soko from non-russian floppy images. Build from sources for CD.  
6183 1395d 05h leency /data/ add donkey game to iso, this must be the last commit related to games  
6182 1395d 05h leency /data/ hex patch Mun to use its own /kolibrios/games/mun/libc.dll instead /kolibrios/lib/libc.dll  

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