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6185 1848d 19h hidnplayr /data/ Remove (broken) precompiled soko from SVN. Remove soko from non-russian floppy images. Build from sources for CD.  
6183 1849d 01h leency /data/ add donkey game to iso, this must be the last commit related to games  
6182 1849d 01h leency /data/ hex patch Mun to use its own /kolibrios/games/mun/libc.dll instead /kolibrios/lib/libc.dll  
6181 1849d 02h leency /data/ Add Mun game to autobuild  
6180 1849d 04h leency /data/ fix autobuild, upload mun game  
6179 1849d 04h leency / - autobuid: added BabyPainter, Knight, Bomber
- game_center.ini: fixed paths
6169 1850d 02h leency / rename "desktop" app to "skincfg"  
6161 1850d 23h leency / Shkvorka: set 3d_light and 3d_dark colors  
6156 1851d 15h leency /data/ Tupfile.lua: update drivers folder  
6155 1851d 15h leency /data/ remove fplay-full as non-used, add updf and vttf to svn and to autobuild  
6154 1851d 16h leency /data/common/drivers/i915/ upload: i915 driver  
6153 1851d 16h leency /data/common/drivers/ upload all drivers ati, ahci, vmware  
6116 1857d 18h leency /data/common/ icons32.png: update colors and Quake icons, a bit decrease size  
6096 1863d 16h leency / syspanel.ini: fix appearance path
appearance.c: do not show wallpaper tab is /kolibrios/res/wallpapers folder isn't exists
6095 1863d 17h leency /data/ Tupfile.lua: fix prior commit  
6094 1863d 17h leency / remove /rd/1/develop/info/win_const.syn from autobuld
move kolibri.iso/Skins folder to kolibri.iso/kolibrios/res/skins for compatibility with appearance app
add appearance app to iso
desktop: no uppercase text in title
6092 1864d 18h leency /data/ game_center.ini, syspanel.ini: remove height value, make game_center window wider  
6085 1869d 02h leency /data/ icons32.png: fix transparent white color in @open, some gradient fixed
docky.ini: remove apps already present on desktop, add midamp
icon.ini: add fb2reader, move calc to the right, change pctdev to syspanel
6077 1870d 22h serge /data/common/lib/ sdk: update libc  
6070 1871d 13h serge /data/common/lib/ sdk: precompiled binaries  

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