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6077 1781d 11h serge /data/common/lib/ sdk: update libc  
6070 1782d 02h serge /data/common/lib/ sdk: precompiled binaries  
6066 1782d 13h leency /data/common/ notify3.png: better compress (-3 Kb)  
6065 1782d 14h leency /data/ fb2read: update
icons32.png: fix fb2read icon
assoc.ini: fix fb2 assoc
Tupfile.lua: rename system_panel to syspanel
icon.ini: add syspanel to desktop @rb instead device link
File Managers/icons.ini: show txt icon for .fb2 files
6064 1782d 16h leency /data/common/ icons32.png: hardcore dithering and decrease size -16 Kb, some icons got minor quality downfall which must not be hardly visible  
6063 1783d 04h leency /data/ bf2read: add to autobuild  
6062 1783d 05h leency /data/common/ icons32.png: decrease file size (15 Kb profit) without downgrading image quality, jewelry work!  
6061 1783d 17h leency /data/common/ icons32.png: new board icon, change icon for bf2reader
notify3.png: decrease size
autorun.dat: remove /SYS/@RB, change order
6055 1788d 13h leency /data/common/settings/ game_center.ini: fix shortcuts  
6040 1792d 15h leency /data/common/File Managers/ eolite.ini: remove outdated setting DoubleClickDelay  
6033 1794d 03h leency / default.skn: update to Shkvorka 2.1, move arcanii game to cd version, desktop app: wider buttons  
6029 1796d 13h hidnplayr / Moved program 'ping' to directory called 'ping'  
6028 1796d 13h hidnplayr /data/eng/settings/ Fixed some broken links in menu.dat  
6025 1797d 14h hidnplayr /data/eng/settings/ Improved english translation of menu.dat  
6004 1806d 10h leency /data/ settings/lang.ini: make English default language, because a lot of programs still uses ASCII keys  
5993 1810d 06h leency /data/ autobuild: font_viewer build source  
5972 1814d 14h leency /data/ Fix prior commit  
5971 1814d 15h leency /data/ settings.ini: move to /common/ folder, update "mouse" section  
5961 1817d 14h leency /data/common/settings/ system_panel.ini: more spacious  
5953 1821d 05h pathoswithin /data/ Update readmes  

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