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5062 2443d 00h clevermouse /data/common/ fix fasmdep: file dependencies were sometimes not recognized  
5057 2446d 07h clevermouse / fix SB16 driver broken in r3727, convert to PE  
5051 2449d 07h clevermouse / convert usbhid and usbstor to PE  
5050 2449d 20h hidnplayr / Converted RTL8169 driver to PE format.  
5048 2450d 17h Asper / intel_hda: Convert to PE. Apply source format rules. Some changes to get/set master volume. Enable unsolicited events.  
5047 2451d 03h clevermouse /data/ refactor autobuild Makefiles  
5046 2451d 04h hidnplayr / Converted DEC21x4x driver to PE format.  
5045 2451d 05h hidnplayr / Converted RTL8139 driver to PE format.  
5044 2451d 07h clevermouse / convert tmpdisk and ps2mouse to PE  
5040 2453d 06h clevermouse /data/ fix build  
5039 2453d 06h clevermouse / support for stripped PE headers in drivers; declare COFF drivers deprecated  
5026 2461d 10h Serge /data/common/fonts/ Istok && Droid fonts  
5006 2484d 04h hidnplayr / Converted SIS900 driver to PE format.  
5005 2484d 05h hidnplayr / Converted RTL8029 driver to PE format.  
4999 2485d 02h hidnplayr /data/ Updated makefiles to assemble forcedeth driver with .sys extension instead of .obj.  
4989 2502d 03h right-hearted /data/it/ Fixed paths to mmoved folders and added some applications form english autobuild  
4972 2521d 21h Akyltist /data/ fix "colors" for new buttons.  
4969 2533d 04h 0CodErr /data/eng/ try add mstate to 'eng' autobuild  
4967 2533d 04h 0CodErr /data/eng/ try add tinfo to 'eng' autobuild  
4965 2533d 23h eAndrew /data/common/settings/ WTF? Fix #2  

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