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4760 2731d 00h right-hearted / Trying to build openjpeg  
4758 2731d 00h right-hearted / Adding openjpeg to autobuild  
4752 2731d 04h right-hearted /data/it/ still don't know CC and LD  
4751 2731d 05h right-hearted /data/it/ Checking CC LD and NASM  
4750 2731d 05h right-hearted /data/it/ Checking out CC LD and NASM  
4744 2731d 09h right-hearted / Trying to make menuetlibc compile.  
4733 2733d 09h right-hearted /data/it/ Changed compiling rules based on e80 example  
4732 2733d 10h right-hearted /data/it/ Removed some options from building  
4731 2733d 10h right-hearted /data/it/ moved updf directly to instruction "all"  
4730 2733d 10h right-hearted /data/it/ Adding updf to autobuild  
4715 2737d 08h right-hearted /data/it/ Removed updf from autobuild  
4714 2737d 19h right-hearted /data/it/ Edited part of code making server stuck  
4712 2737d 19h right-hearted /data/it/ removed updf from autobuild  
4709 2737d 22h right-hearted /data/it/ It seems I made stupid mistake, lets check...  
4708 2737d 22h right-hearted /data/it/ Defined path to makefile for updf and rewritten instructions based on shell and atikms.dll examples  
4707 2737d 23h right-hearted /data/it/ Removed copied text from local makefile and made server say make in updf directory instead  
4706 2738d 04h right-hearted /data/it/ Added -L $(UPDFDIR)/build/debug into ldflags for updf  
4703 2738d 17h right-hearted /data/it/ Trying to add updf to autobuild. Trial #2  
4702 2738d 17h right-hearted /data/it/ Trial to add updf to autobuild  
4701 2738d 18h hidnplayr /data/ Removed CD player from autobuild, it cannot work with current kernel.  

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