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3604 2429d 03h fedesco / italian version  
3601 2429d 09h hidnplayr / Improved loopback device, separate ARP tables for every interface, added arpstat functionality to netstat, preparing zeroconf to work on multiple interfaces, improved API (fn 76, fn 74), fixed some bugs.  
3583 2432d 18h hidnplayr /data/ Added downloader and HTMLv back to system menu.  
3582 2432d 18h leency /data/ new SHELL icon  
3575 2435d 05h hidnplayr /data/ Added configuration files for FTPD to autobuild image.  
3566 2435d 21h hidnplayr / Rewrote logic of downloader, added it to autobuild.  
3554 2436d 14h clevermouse /data/sp/ increase memory limit for spanish kernel compilation  
3553 2436d 14h hidnplayr /data/ Merge new network stack with trunk: attempt #8 (fix spanish and italian builds)  
3552 2436d 15h clevermouse /data/rus/ remove BOM  
3551 2436d 15h hidnplayr /data/ Merge new network stack with trunk: attempt #6 (remove ipc from autobuild)  
3547 2436d 15h yogev_ezra /data/ Linux is case-sensitive  
3546 2436d 15h hidnplayr /data/ Merge new network stack with trunk: attempt #2 (forgot to save the makefiles)  
3545 2436d 16h hidnplayr / Merge new network stack with trunk  
3541 2437d 11h clevermouse /data/rus/ fix iconv call  
3540 2437d 11h clevermouse / add forgotten include  
3528 2442d 14h mario79 / Correction for r.3527  
3527 2442d 21h hidnplayr / Updated example.asm, added to english distribution.  
3521 2447d 09h clevermouse /data/ restore tabulation in Makefiles  
3520 2447d 09h clevermouse / USB support  
3516 2447d 21h hidnplayr / Renamed zeroconfig.ini to network.ini and moved to /sys/  

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