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3074 3337d 23h leency /data/ new @rb and @notify from KolibriN  
3073 3337d 23h leency /data/ fixed wrong path  
3071 3337d 23h leency /data/ HTMLv moved for new-stack and Vortex86MX-eng  
3070 3338d 00h leency /data/ HTMLv moved in Makefile  
3048 3356d 16h clevermouse /data/ try to play around limitations in this !@#!@%@ compiler. Really, try to avoid C-- if you can and even if you can not  
3027 3362d 03h leency /data/ restore iconstrp.png  
3019 3363d 21h leency /data/ optimized iconstrp.png, updated panel.ini  
3012 3364d 07h dunkaist /data/ nightbuilds: convert background.gif to background.png, now it fits one sector (365 bytes)  
2970 3429d 16h Serge /data/rus/ remove atikms from autobuild, again  
2969 3429d 16h Serge /data/ remove atikms from autobuild  
2958 3435d 07h hidnplayr / Enabled Anonymous access to FTP daemon, RETR command now ignores first '/'.  
2945 3437d 15h hidnplayr / Added missing files, fixed ftpd.  
2944 3437d 15h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ Fix makefile  
2943 3437d 15h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ Added FTPd to new-stack autobuild  
2926 3449d 00h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ added i8254x driver to autobuild  
2873 3481d 23h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ net branch: start ALL network drivers by default  
2872 3482d 06h hidnplayr / Renamed icmp.asm to ping.asm and added parameter support  
2848 3489d 21h Albom /data/ Dead "BGI Font demo" menu removed from menu.dat.  
2846 3492d 19h clevermouse /data/ add kerpack which was removed in r2816 by mistake  
2845 3492d 20h leency /data/ changes has come  

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