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9947 65 d 12 h ace_dent / Update `docs/README.TXT` and rename to `CREDITS`
- Rename to `CREDITS.TXT` for clarity.
- Improve text of opening paragraph. Thanks to various translators.
- Reformat to use headings, removing excessive whitespace characters (~2.5KiB).
- Sort list of contributors alphabetically; easier to maintain.
- Add missing contributors and remove from `kernel.asm`. Thanks to @rgimad.
- Minor formatting and whitespace cleanup.
9944 66 d 8 h ace_dent /data/ Refine `distr_data/readme` text
- Improve English translation for distribution readme.
- Make use of `KolibriOS` (no space) consistent.
9939 75 d 13 h leency /data/ move dgen to a proper place of Tupfile (by turbocat)  
9937 83 d 10 h leency /data/ Add DGEN (Sega) emulator to menu.dat of actual builds  
9924 168 d 19 h Doczom / [SDHCI] Added new driver on SD host controller  
9912 238 d 12 h akron1 / FB2 Reader: fixed rolling up  
9905 276 d 17 h leency /data/common/File Managers/ndn/ NDN: upload a new version v3.00.0008 2022-12-26 from  
9901 286 d 18 h akron1 /data/ move fNav to ISO  
9898 307 d 20 h akron1 / FB2 Reader: refactoring, reduced memory usage for images, small improvements  
9896 317 d 20 h akron1 / FB2 Reader: upload source, small changes  
9882 421 d 4 h turbocat /data/common/drivers/ Change virtualbox driver description.  
9881 421 d 12 h turbocat /data/ Adding VirtualBox driver to ISO: done.  
9880 421 d 12 h turbocat /data/common/drivers/ Fixed accidentally broken path to geode.  
9879 421 d 12 h turbocat /data/common/drivers/ Add virtualbox driver to ISO.  
9842 538 d 14 h turbocat /data/ Added DGEN to ISO and create file associatons.  
9820 561 d 11 h dunkaist / Move weather.json config to /kolibrios

Weather app was moved to /kolibrios a year ago, move its config there
too. There is no reason for the config to be in img since nobody in img
uses it.

Also, update Weather to look for its config not only in /sys but also
in /kolibrios.
9819 561 d 12 h dunkaist /data/ Replace Checkers with FlappyBird on the desktop

Checkers was removed from img more than a year ago in r8503, and its
desktop icon has been broken since then. There were two options: to
return Checkers and to replace it on the desktop with another game.
I have chosen the latter one.

Perhaps, a more suitable icon should be used for FlappyBird, but I
haven't found one. Feel free to add it.
9797 588 d 12 h dunkaist / [autobuild] Fix asm-only and no-gcc build  
9795 588 d 16 h dunkaist /data/ [autobuild] Split command list even more to avoid 'execl: Argument list too long'  
9762 603 d 9 h vitalkrilov / Graph: manual corrected.
Graph (branch: tcc_current):
- Rewritten in C so now it can be compiled with tcc.
- Added functions: pow (^) and mod (%), arcctg, sgn, sec, cosec, log2, log3, log10.
- Added aliases for functions: tan, cot, arctan, arccot, lg, lb, ln.
- Fixed bugs with box_lib's edit_box.
- Removed deprecated/potentially unused code.
- Now an "Edit" button launches Cedit, not Tinypad.
- Now there is a better graph rendering: fixed bugs with text drawing.
- Added to autobuild list and in iso.

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