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8826 23m leency / icons16.png: has 18x18 px size now
- move properly implemented
- show device icons in list
- bugfixes
clean skins
8823 11h 31m leency / cmm: move install to misc  
8822 12h 37m leency / cmm cmm and icons update 2  
8821 1d 08h leency / cmm and icons update  
8819 1d 21h turbocat /data/ Added newly updated examples for tcc + libc.obj to ISO  
8817 2d 04h turbocat /data/ Added sys include
Autobuild tcc is now in ISO
8816 2d 04h turbocat /data/ Delete old TinyGL headers  
8815 2d 04h turbocat /data/ Development files libc.obj added to distro  
8795 2d 06h turbocat /data/ kolibri-libc: Move to folder with tcc. Part 2  
8792 2d 09h turbocat /data/ Added mtar.obj to img  
8784 4d 11h leency /data/ attempt 2  
8783 4d 11h leency /data/ fix  
8782 4d 11h leency /data/ fix  
8781 4d 11h leency / some fixes  
8779 5d 01h leency / eolite: update  
8778 5d 04h turbocat /data/ Added minizip to ISO  
8773 6d 11h leency /data/common/settings/ efm: descrease line height  
8764 7d 02h leency / eolite:
- rework two panes header
- use specific ini section for two-panes mode
- avoid double lines in scroll and table headers
- proper fix scroll issue
- do not save window size when the window is rolled-up
efm: yet another file manager :)
icons16.png: add scissors (cut) and paste icons
8763 7d 06h leency /data/common/File Managers/ small fix  
8762 7d 06h leency / icons16.png: update folder and sys icons
cedit: new version by akron1
eolite: fix scroll

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