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8252 1d 12h IgorA / life2: use open dialog, big font in caption  
8244 2d 10h leency / fpc fix examples folder, remove 2 old skins of mine  
8243 2d 10h leency /data/ fpc part 2  
8242 2d 10h leency /data/ upload fpc to SVN, add to ISO  
8241 2d 11h leency / Now user will never lose kolibri.lbl because it is moved to ISO/kolibrios/res/system/ folder  
8235 4d 02h leency /data/common/ fb2read: -1 sector of binnary size caused by better codegen, by akron1  
8229 4d 14h leency / Upload smaller House.3ds by macgub  
8199 9d 19h IgorA / fix life2, update life3  
8184 12d 16h IgorA / update demo life2,
fix rev 8179
8172 15d 08h maxcodehack /data/ Add clayer ktcc examples to autobuild  
8150 19d 09h dunkaist / Add basic 32-bit UEFI loader.  
8148 19d 11h dunkaist /data/ autobuild: Add distr data to kolibri.raw image.  
8132 22d 09h dunkaist /data/eng/settings/ eng/menu.dat: Fix typo in syspanel app name.  
8131 22d 09h dunkaist /data/ Add sine.mp3: 5184 bytes / 5 seconds long test file.

5 seconds are notes C-E-G-E-C, one per second.
8118 30d 06h dunkaist /data/ Autobuild hybrid bios/uefi kolibri.raw boot image.  
8117 30d 23h dunkaist / kernel: Don't read acpi_dev_* vars that if uninitialized.

Currently only uefi4kos loader initializes these variables. May be one
day BIOS loaders will load DEVICES.DAT file and initialize these vars
too, may be one day we will detect APIC IRQs via ACPI. But not today.
8114 35d 08h maxcodehack / Delete original pictures  
8113 35d 11h maxcodehack /data/common/games/fridge/ Add to ISO 2  
8112 35d 11h maxcodehack /data/ Add 'fridge' to ISO  
8100 42d 21h maxcodehack /data/ add 'tools' folder  

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