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6866 518d 10h serge /contrib/sdk/samples/hello/ hello sample: update Makefiles  
6865 520d 06h serge /contrib/sdk/samples/freetype/txview/ freetype sample: update  
6864 521d 01h serge /contrib/sdk/samples/freetype/txview/ freetype sample: missing file  
6075 915d 04h serge /contrib/sdk/samples/cairo/ cairo sample: update makefiles  
6072 915d 16h serge /contrib/sdk/samples/cairo/ cairo sample: set event mask  
6071 915d 18h serge /contrib/sdk/samples/ sdk: most well-known program in the world  
5553 1188d 01h serge /contrib/sdk/samples/cairo/ cairo demo  
5069 1422d 05h serge /contrib/sdk/samples/Mesa/ sdk: build gears for egl and osmesa  
5025 1442d 03h Serge /contrib/sdk/samples/freetype/txview/ freetype sample: resize window and font  
5024 1442d 10h Serge /contrib/sdk/ sdk: 1)update
2)freetype sample
4498 1642d 13h Serge /contrib/sdk/samples/Mesa/gl-render/ regl-render: swap n blit  
4495 1643d 06h Serge /contrib/sdk/samples/Mesa/gl-render/ gl-render: import buffers from egl.  
4485 1644d 04h Serge /contrib/sdk/samples/Mesa/gl-render/ gl-render: successful blit using glsl shader  
4473 1645d 13h Serge /contrib/sdk/samples/Mesa/gl-render/ gl-render: still knocking on  
4472 1646d 05h Serge /contrib/sdk/samples/Mesa/gl-render/ gl-render: knocking on frame buffer object  
4464 1646d 15h Serge /contrib/sdk/samples/Mesa/gl-render/ sdk: an attempt to create GL-based blitter  
4349 1679d 13h Serge /contrib/ upload sdk