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4826 2515d 23h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: build all libraries  
4820 2518d 01h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: update Makefile  
4819 2518d 01h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: Makefiles  
4818 2518d 01h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/expat/ sdk: expat 2.1.0  
4806 2520d 03h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/include/sys/ newlib: replace __stdcall with __attribute__((stdcall))  
4768 2524d 09h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ Mesa: Makefiles  
4633 2547d 19h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/Mesa/src/ Mesa: gen3: add R8 support  
4632 2547d 19h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/Mesa/ Mesa: Makefiles  
4628 2549d 00h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/Mesa/ Mesa: Makefiles  
4548 2589d 18h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/Mesa/ Mesa: i915_dri driver  
4526 2593d 20h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/render/ GL blitter: skip output for rolled or minimized windows  
4525 2594d 07h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ mesa egl: GL blitter support code.
blitter: single set of the texture coordinates.
4523 2594d 19h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/render/ GL blitter: use per pixel mask texture as alpha channel source  
4518 2595d 19h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/Mesa/ mesa: build libglsl, standalone compiler didn't works  
4517 2595d 20h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/render/ GL blitter: create texture for window's mask  
4506 2597d 10h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/include/ newlib: DrawWindow(): clear esi  
4503 2597d 14h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/eglut/ sdk: eglut  
4502 2597d 16h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: GL blitter  
4501 2597d 16h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/Intel-2D/ intel-2d: sna-2.99.906  
4500 2597d 16h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/Mesa/src/egl/drivers/dri2/ egl: disable pixlib based blitter  

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