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7621 600d 20h leency /contrib/media/updf/ updf: remove xps support as non-used  
7533 748d 18h leency / appearance: save skin settings in eskin.ini
uPDF: run without param opens /sys/lod
7475 768d 16h leency / uPDF: working "open" button, update build script, start migration to kolibri.c from SHELL  
5821 1904d 01h leency /contrib/media/updf/apps/ updf: small fix  
5820 1904d 01h leency /contrib/media/updf/include/ updf: Remove unnecessary files form /include  
5508 2088d 13h leency /contrib/media/updf/ uPDF 1.2: add rotate buttons, goto page functionality, fixes  
5497 2090d 19h leency /contrib/media/updf/ uPDF 1.01: do not use `me` folder, add grayscale function, fix rotate  
5496 2090d 21h leency /contrib/media/updf/ uPDF 1.0: usable and stable (temporary uses both menuetlibc folders `include` and `me`)  
4780 2424d 01h right-hearted / Adding cmapdump and fontdump  
4775 2424d 13h right-hearted /contrib/media/updf/ Deleted prebuilt cmapdump and fontdump. Edited Makefile  
4774 2424d 14h right-hearted /contrib/media/updf/scripts/ temporarily added some precompiled files: cmapdump and fontdump  
4773 2424d 14h right-hearted /contrib/media/updf/ Some changes in paths  
4771 2425d 13h right-hearted /contrib/media/updf/ Removed unnecessery files  
4770 2425d 13h right-hearted /contrib/media/updf/ removed elf_i386  
4769 2425d 13h right-hearted /contrib/media/updf/ Edited some dependencies and makefiles  
4767 2425d 14h right-hearted / Building updf using ready menuetlibc  
4744 2426d 05h right-hearted / Trying to make menuetlibc compile.  
4705 2433d 00h right-hearted /contrib/media/updf/include/lib/ One more lib added  
4704 2433d 00h right-hearted /contrib/media/updf/include/lib/ Added some libraries  
4696 2435d 18h right-hearted /contrib/media/updf/apps/ Some design adjustments  

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