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6150 1956d 15h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: update Makefile  
6144 1956d 18h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: new init_decoder()/fini_decoder()  
6140 1957d 15h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: update Makefile  
6136 1957d 18h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: code cleanup  
6135 1957d 23h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: reorder decoded frames when needed  
6133 1958d 13h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: h264 hardware decoding and output.  
6121 1960d 18h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: vaapi works, but the video output is too slow.  
6118 1960d 20h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: vaapi initialization  
6117 1960d 22h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: ffmpeg-2.5 compatible edition  
6106 1965d 23h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: update  
6076 1974d 20h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: update makefile  
5821 2107d 03h leency /contrib/media/updf/apps/ updf: small fix  
5820 2107d 03h leency /contrib/media/updf/include/ updf: Remove unnecessary files form /include  
5603 2154d 03h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay:cleanup & f77 synchronization  
5592 2155d 23h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay:cleanup  
5508 2291d 15h leency /contrib/media/updf/ uPDF 1.2: add rotate buttons, goto page functionality, fixes  
5497 2293d 21h leency /contrib/media/updf/ uPDF 1.01: do not use `me` folder, add grayscale function, fix rotate  
5496 2293d 23h leency /contrib/media/updf/ uPDF 1.0: usable and stable (temporary uses both menuetlibc folders `include` and `me`)  
5372 2343d 07h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: use pixlib3 for renderig.  
5061 2484d 23h serge /contrib/ sdk: aliases  

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