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7624 41d 17h leency /contrib/media/updf/ updf: clean  
7621 47d 18h leency /contrib/media/updf/ updf: remove xps support as non-used  
7533 195d 16h leency / appearance: save skin settings in eskin.ini
uPDF: run without param opens /sys/lod
7475 215d 13h leency / uPDF: working "open" button, update build script, start migration to kolibri.c from SHELL  
6658 928d 23h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: update  
6438 1087d 23h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: update  
6306 1171d 11h punk_joker /contrib/media/fplay/skin/ fix case sensitive font name  
6301 1174d 07h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: fixed broken rewind in software decoder mode  
6298 1175d 11h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: check codec profile  
6150 1200d 11h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: update Makefile  
6144 1200d 14h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: new init_decoder()/fini_decoder()  
6140 1201d 12h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: update Makefile  
6136 1201d 14h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: code cleanup  
6135 1201d 19h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: reorder decoded frames when needed  
6133 1202d 10h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: h264 hardware decoding and output.  
6121 1204d 14h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: vaapi works, but the video output is too slow.  
6118 1204d 17h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: vaapi initialization  
6117 1204d 18h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: ffmpeg-2.5 compatible edition  
6106 1209d 19h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: update  
6076 1218d 16h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: update makefile  

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