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6690 1626d 17h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/ sync editbox change  
6615 1640d 22h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/ remove unneeded thunks  
6612 1645d 00h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/ c-layer many fixes  
6601 1648d 19h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/ editor, treelist, msgbox demo runs  
6589 1652d 18h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/ editor, treelist, msgbox initial  
6561 1661d 16h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/ filebrowser done  
6559 1662d 23h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/EXAMPLE/ filebrowser demo almost fixed  
6535 1668d 08h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/ fix pusha, use gcc5.4, filebrowser initial  
6526 1675d 17h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/ fix bugs in pathview  
6525 1676d 06h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/EXAMPLE/libguic_kolibri/ fix makefile  
6524 1676d 06h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/ dbutton, opensave demo  
6516 1686d 23h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/EXAMPLE/libguic_kolibri/ fix coords  
6500 1702d 18h punk_joker /contrib/C_Layer/ use structure instead of void pointers  
6496 1704d 18h punk_joker /contrib/C_Layer/EXAMPLE/rasterworks/ revert change in rasterworks_example.c  
6495 1704d 19h punk_joker /contrib/C_Layer/ C layer: change init function in wrappers  
6493 1707d 18h punk_joker /contrib/C_Layer/EXAMPLE/rasterworks/ remove binary file  
6492 1707d 18h punk_joker /contrib/C_Layer/EXAMPLE/rasterworks/ add example for RasterWorks library  
6491 1707d 18h punk_joker /contrib/C_Layer/EXAMPLE/libguic_kolibri/ boardmsg: small fix  
6489 1708d 02h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/ Menubar demo fix  
6482 1709d 18h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/ Menubar  

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