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8636 1h 42m maxcodehack /contrib/kolibri-libc/linuxtools/ [klibc][kgcc] Undef 'linux' and define 'kolibri'  
8635 12h 27m turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/ kolibri-libc:
- Added shell_ping
- Added shell_get_pid
- Fixed malloc in stdlib.h
- Added check during SHELL init (uses shell_ping)
- getc is used like fgetc
8632 1d 01h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/ kolibri-libc:
- Added shell_printf
- Added shell functions to export table.
- Fixed libc.obj build(use mingw)
- Removed generated libc.obj-loader files
8631 1d 01h maxcodehack /contrib/kolibri-libc/linuxtools/ [klibc] Add mkexp tool  
8630 1d 04h maxcodehack /contrib/kolibri-libc/ [klibc] remove asm inc duplicates  
8629 1d 06h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/ kolibri-libc:
- Added shell apis(shell_api.h)
- Added functions for working with a named shared memory area(ksys.h).
- Fixed itoa
8628 1d 23h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/ kolibri-libc:
- Fix fputs and fgets fs error names(added KSYS prefix instead KOS)
- Added enum KSYS_MOUSE_POS
8627 2d 00h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/stdio/ kolibri-libc:
- Fix fwrite and fread working with a void pointer.
8625 2d 01h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/ kolibri-libc:
- Added example program
- Delete trash files
- Added libc.obj loader (will be removed from ktcc)
8624 2d 02h Boppan /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/stdio/ kolibri-libc: Reimplement fgets, fputc, fputs, fread and fwrite

Now it follows the POSIX specification better.
8623 2d 02h Boppan /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/include/ kolibri-libc: Add fs error codes to ksys.h  
8622 2d 03h Boppan /contrib/kolibri-libc/ Relocate kolibri-libc from GitHub  
8619 4d 04h maxcodehack /contrib/ uPDF: move libjbig2dec and libopenjpeg to sdk/sources  
8611 8d 12h maxcodehack /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/include/sys/ sys/kos.h: more neat +sysfn36 +ZPOS  
8610 8d 12h maxcodehack / Add new syscall wrapper - sys/kos.h
Fridge: improve and move to sys/kos.h
8597 14d 00h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolfenstein 3D:
- Fixed too long delay in the menu.
8596 16d 01h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolfenstein 3D:
- Added missing sources
- The window now opens in the center of the screen.
8595 16d 01h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/include/ - Fix max_screen_size() function in kos32sys.h  
8581 26d 22h rgimad /contrib/C_Layer/ C_Layer: fixed some headers and code so that examples can build also with >= c99  
8580 27d 00h superturbocat2001 /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/include/ - Rollback to revision 8543  

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